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Fasteners' Manual
1.Properties of Speed Glass Welding Helmet 100VWelding Mask, Welding Helmet
2.Properties of Speed Glass Welding Helmet 9100Welding Mask, Welding Helmet
3.Properties of 3M UV Protection Sleeves PS2000Sleeves, Bicycle, Ultra violet
4.Properties of Speed Glass Welding Helmet 10VWelding Mask, Welding Helmet
5.Properties of Dust Protection Mask 9913V (P1)
6.Properties of OPTIME 98 H9P3E Helmet Attachable (NRR23)Noise Reduction, Helmet Attachable
7.Properties of Dust Protection Mask 9003A (P1)
8.Properties of Glove G650
9.Properties of Glove M903
10.Properties of 1291 Reusable Ear PlugEar Plug
11.Properties of Safety Eyeglasses BX Series (11380, 11381, 11471, 11472, 11525)Safety Eye Wear, Safety Eyeglasses
12.Properties of Dust Protection Mask 8210 (N95)
13.Properties of Dust Protection Mask 9043A (P1)
14.Properties of Organic Vapor Kit 3200-55Dust Protector, Chemical Protector
15.Properties of 3M Organic Vapor Kit 3200-55
16.Properties of Glove D670Rubber Glove, One time use glove
17.Properties of Glove G340
18.Properties of Organic Vapor Cartridge 3311K-55Dust Protection, Chemical Protection
19.Properties of 3M Organic Vapor Cartridge 3211K-55
20.Properties of Safety Belt 10810/208512Falls Protector, Safety Belt
21.Properties of 1241 Reusable Ear PlugEar Plug
22.Properties of Safety Eyeglasses Virtua Sport Asian Fit (10434, 10435, 10436)Safety, Eyeglasses
23.Properties of Safety HelmetIndustrial Helmet, Construction Helmet
24.Properties of 1271 Reusable Ear PlugEar Plug
25.Properties of Safety Eyeglasses Nuvo Series (11411, 11412, 11519)Safety Eye Wear, Safety Eyeglasses
26.Properties of 1100 Foam Ear PlugFoam Ear Plug
27.Metrics ISO261 Standard Pitch Tablepitch, metrics, millimeter, bolt, nut
28.BSW Hexagon Head Bolt Weight TableBolt weight, table, manual
29.Steel Bar's Weight TableBar weight, Rod weight, table, manual
30.Hex L Key size to use with Hex cap screwHex Key Size, Hex Socket Size
31.Stud Bolt Chemical Compositions & Specifications TableStud, Thread, Chemical, Compositions, Specifications
32.RITZ Hexagon Socket Cap Screw Weight TableSocket Bolt Weight, table, manual
33.Flat Washer Weight and Dimension TableFlat Washer Weight, Flat Washer Dimension, Table, Manual
34.ULTRA Hammer Drive Anchor Specification TablePull Load, Shear Load, Hammer Drive Anchor, Hit Anchor, Hole Drilling, Manual, Table
35.Self Tapping Screw size comparison tableTapping Screw, Unified, No., Metrics, Table, Manual
36.RITZ Hex Nut Weight TableWeight, Hex Nut, DIN934, JIS B 1181, BSW, ANSI B 18.2.2, Manual, Table
37.RITZ Hexagon Head Bolt Weight TableBolt weight, table, manual
38.ULTRA Steel Expansion Anchor Specification TablePull Load, Steel Expansion Anchor, Hole Drilling, Manual, Table
39.UNC, UNF & BSW Standard's TPI & Pitch TableThread Standard, Inch Fasteners, Table, Manual
40.Wrench No.using for each Bolt & Nut size (Metric, UNC, BSW standards)Wrench no, Bolt Head size, Hex Nut AF, table, manual
41.RITZ high tensile screw & nut's tensile and proof load TableTensile, Yield, Bolt, Nut, Fasteners, table, manual
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